Bioregenesis Healing Session


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Bioregenesis Healing is a new energy and system which restores our cells to their Divine Default Settings. It overrides any programs or patterns that keep our body from renewing.

Scientists will tell you that our body parts renew themselves completely periodically…So you may be asking “If this is true, how come my body is still manifesting the same condition, as it was years ago?”

The reason for this is because it is responding to a program, one that we have created or accepted as true for us.. We have not been aware of the limitless potential of our nature. Instead, we have been taught that the world and our bodies are finite.. This is absolutely not true!

It is now possible to return our biology to its divine default setting, enabling us to regenerate ourselves.. This is not a ‘blueprint setting’, but rather a Return to the ‘Soul Imprint’ (blue/white print), which we were given prior to our very first incarnation…

This work is being given through an advanced Collective of Lightbeings called the ‘B Collective’. The Divine intelligent Love energies generally chooses what to target for restoration…

I facilitate the Energy Session/Activation through Distance at the appointment time from anywhere between 30-60 minutes where You can relax and lay down or sit in a comfortable position during the process.

1 Session $77

2 Session package $120

3 Session package $155

Booking a Session

To book a session, please make payment by adding a service to cart and then once payment is received, you will be redirected to a Scheduling Calendar page to choose the day and time for your session.

I request that PayPal payments be made through Friends & Family… Thank You

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