Quantum Crystalline DNA Activation




This session is designed to be a Quantum Leap catalyst to accelerate Your Spiritual Awakening to Oneness and Enlightenment with groundedness and self realization of the Divinity of all aspects including the Physical Body. It is designed to bring through and integrate the Highest Living Light Source Energy that we are already are (Quantum) into our everyday reality experience. The words and Phrases that have come to describe this session have been:



Divine Symphony/Orchestra

The Power of Love

Ushering In Galactic Christ Consciousness

The Functions of the session include:

Feel More Connected to Source (Divinity, Love)

Connects to Higher Self SoulSpirit

Merges the Divine Feminine/Masculine within

Activates 3rd Eye (Pineal Gland)

Alignment of the Heart and Mind(heart chakra/3rd eye, heart-brain coherence)

Assists in Forgiveness of self and others

Cosmic Heart Awakening

Multidimensional Purification (Transmutation)

Increase of Clarity Crispness of Awareness

Increase of Dream state recall in Lucid detail
(remembering of dreams in Higher Definition)

Multidimensional Quantum Shamanic Healing
with Advanced Sacred Geometry Divine Intervention Consciousness Living Light Technologies

Awakening Ascension Codes

Access Frequency Coordinates to Cosmic Consciousness

Activates Dormant Strands of DNA
awakening of Pure Infinite Potential

Quantum Crystalline Rainbow Diamond Lightbody Activation/Integration

Kundalini Activations

Cosmic DNA Activations

Activation/Integration of all 64 codons of the DNA”

Lightbody Building (bridging sustainable Higher states of consciousness)

Assists others in awakening their inherent Genius/Activating their Bliss

Increase body’s ability to integrate and sustain Light and Higher States of Consciousness

Assists in Rapid Integration Multidimensionally

Assists in the Ascension of Humanity and Gaia, Shifting into The New Earth of

Can beneficially Shift the energy of environment (people, etc)

The session resonates with the Diamond which is associated with The Heart, Purity, Source,
Perfection, Tantric Immortality, Divinity,
Perfect Love/Unconditional Love, Divine Spark, Bliss, Pure Infinite Potential and there is much more…

I facilitate the Energy Session/Activation through Distance at the appointment time for 1 hour where You can relax and lay down or sit in a comfortable position during the process.

Session $144

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