Scalar Energy Session


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Scalar Energy is Divine Living Light that is transmitted from the Sun and all the Stars in the Universe and is all around us. Scalar Energy is the life giving and life sustaining forces of the Physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual organic biological processes in the Universe. Scalar Light is everywhere at once and is the Divine Intelligence and presents as the carrier wave of all Consciousness and information in the Universe. Quite simply Scalar is the Source of all Energies or Love. Scalar Energy can cleanse the body of Pathogens, restore and boost the immune system, assist in assimilation of nutrients, chakra healing, aura cleansing(balancing), and regenerate the cells and body. There can also be beneficial effects on the Mental and Emotional levels as alignment with Source.

I facilitate the Energy Session/Activation through Distance at the appointment time from anywhere between 30-60 minutes where You can relax and lay down or sit in a comfortable position during the process.

1 Session $77

2 Session package $120

3 Session package $155

Booking a Session

To book a session, please make payment by adding a service to cart and then once payment is received, you will be redirected to a Scheduling Calendar page to choose the day and time for your session.

I request that PayPal payments be made through Friends & Family…Thank You

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Session 77, Session Package 120, Session Package 155