Metatron’s DNA Activation


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The Metatron DNA Activation is channeled from Source energy and brought to the Earth at this time as a DNA Activation tool for the new Divine Human Template. This transformative tool is a vital step in the human ascension process. As the human shifts in energy along with Mother Earth, new chakra systems are being formed within the human body in order to accommodate this new energy flow. Even those who have already begun their ascension process will find a more rapid and complete transition upon receiving this Activation.


• Galactic DNA activation
• Activates dormant DNA Starseed codes
• Anchors you into the 144,000 lightworker collective
• Accelerates the ascension process
• Sacred geometry activation
• 4 brain centers activation (Pineal, Pituitary, Medulla Oblongata, and the Hypothalamus Glands)
• 3rd eye activation
• Balances brain hemispheres
• Source connection
• Multidimensional yet very grounding
• Heart chakra opening
• Activates the original divine seed blueprint
• Activates your mission on Earth
• Anchors your higher frequency into Earth to help her ascend
• Higher Self connection
• Expanding light quotient
• Turns on all the original fire letters
• Clears energetic blockages
• Balances and clears the current chakra system
• Facilitates the transition to the new galactic level chakra patterns
• Connects you to the new Mother Earth grid
• Balancing of the Divine Feminine/Masculine energies
• Receive a new High Dimensional Galactic personal ascension guide
• Receive, absorb and hold more Light in your physical body
• Increased self-love and self-trust
• Release old patterns and limiting beliefs
• More easily access sacred knowledge within oneself
• Aligns you to your spiritual path for this life time
• Greater awareness and
expanded consciousness
• Creates a stronger immune system
• Develop your intuitive and psychic abilities
• Increased vitality and energy
• Unlocks new spiritual talents, gifts and abilities

The Metatron DNA Activation is extremely powerful. Once activated, one will more easily find their direct, conscious connection with Divine Source and other high level Light Beings.

The Metatron DNA Activation is performed long distance at a specific time when the recipient will simply lay down and relax. The activation process itself will take about 30 minutes. Allow at least an extra hour after the activation to allow yourself to just “be” as the Metatron DNA Activation energy is very powerful.

What will I feel during the DNA Activation?
Everyone is different and your experience will in part depend on how sensitive you are to energy. Most people feel the activation very strongly as it is happening. There may be tingling, warmth or a host of other sensations, some people even receive visions. It is also possible for people to experience a spontaneous physical or emotional healing at the time of the activation. There will be numerous changes in the next few days, weeks and months as the body continues to expand its energy centers and integrate even greater levels of light. It is also possible that your physical body will undergo a “cleansing” or “detox” (slight feelings of tiredness, headache, emotional releasing, etc…) as long-buried issues rise to the surface to be released once and for all.

I facilitate the Energy Session/Activation through Distance at the appointment time from anywhere between 30-60 minutes where You can relax and lay down or sit in a comfortable position during the process.

1 Session $77

2 Session package $120

3 Session package $155

Booking a Session

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