The Arcturian Blueprint Activation (ABA), links the person more strongly to their divine blueprint and divine matrix. Everything in physical existence first began from a blueprint on at least the mental level and even higher (ie. causal, spiritual, divine levels).

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For example, the chair you are sitting on once existed as an idea. Someone took that idea and allowed it to come through all the way down onto the physical plane where he designed and produced the chair. The same idea also exists for our physical body. This activation allows this divine idea or blueprint (the spiritual DNA) from these higher and more subtle levels to more clearly and easily manifest in the physical dimension in its complete form.

What is an Activation?

An Activation is an energy transmission. The energy of the Activation matches the energy functions of the system energies you are Activating to and allows you to activate all functions of the energies found within this system. Once you have received that dose of energy via an Activation, Your body, mind, and spirit will recognize this energy and will give you easy access to the energy stream, which enhances and increases your personal vibrational frequency, Accelerates your spiritual development and can assist in healing on all levels. An Activation essentially re-patterns, recalibrates and expands your energy fields & energy centres, enabling you to vibrate to a different, higher or specific frequency.

Four 1hr sessions $222

I facilitate the Energy Session/Activation through Distance at the appointment time from anywhere between 30-60 minutes where You can relax and lay down or sit in a comfortable position during the process.

Booking a Session

To book a session, please make payment by adding a service to cart and then once payment is received, you will be redirected to a Scheduling Calendar page to choose the day and time for your session.

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Full Reading 2 hours Plus, Mini Reading 40-45 minutes (Max 2 questions)