Gateway Systems Activation Sessions – 12 Sessions




Gateway Systems Activation Sessions – 12 Sessions

The ‘Gateway Systems’ are intergalactic, multidimensional healing and upgrading systems. They were used in ‘Atlantis’, to increase Light embodiment … They are designed to upgrade us through All of the matrices of Light, beginning with the ‘Crystalline Light matrix’, followed by the ‘Diamond Light matrix’ and lastly the ‘Solar Light matrix’ (which has never been achieved by humanity as yet).

The Gateway Energy works by quantum entanglement, using parallel networks to create a super cell, which pushes all toxic energy out of our cells, speeding up the vibration of each cell, which is after all, nothing more than a battery. Once the voltage is increased, energy flows quickly through us, and toxins are not allowed to build up in the matrix..

Another effect of the energy is, that it alters/improves our mental interface, rewiring our brains, changing our thought habits, thus preventing us from having thoughts that are out of alignment with divine harmony, creating an expansion of consciousness .. It also works to reverse the genetic modifications that we have undergone, which downgraded us in consciousness and empowerment.

Below is a list of all Activation sessions

Excel (our Milky Way)
Isis (Sirius)
Genesis (parallel realities)
Merka (higher merkabah geometries)

12 Activation Sessions $540

I facilitate the Energy Session/Activation through Distance at the appointment time from anywhere between 30-60 minutes where You can relax and lay down or sit in a comfortable position during the process.

Booking a Session

To book a session, please make payment by adding a service to cart and then once payment is received, you will be redirected to a Scheduling Calendar page to choose the day and time for your session.

I request that PayPal payments be made through Friends & Family…Thank You

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