The Arcturian Parallel Worlds Session


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This session allows not only access to parallel timelines but also information from parallel worlds where we do not exist simultaneously, Pure Lands that are awakened in nature, and a place referred to as the Fields of Peace. The Fields of Peace is a dimension very close to the Earth Plane where ascended masters, spiritual initiates, and spiritual lineages are located and are assisting humanity more directly.  In essence this more ideal dimension is a blueprint template for which our physical dimension is in the process be-coming.

I facilitate the Energy Session/Activation through Distance at the appointment time from anywhere between 30-60 minutes where You can relax and lay down or sit in a comfortable position during the process.

1 Session $77

2 Session package $120

3 Session package $155

Booking a Session

To book a session, please make payment by adding a service to cart and then once payment is received, you will be redirected to a Scheduling Calendar page to choose the day and time for your session.

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Session 77, Session Package 120, Session Package 155